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Why you should use Taxco's services?

Why you should use Taxco’s Services


The objective of this business guide is to tell you straight up why you should be using our services. We can tell you what we do, but we would prefer to show you…


Big or small, we offer simple accounting and tax solutions for individuals and small business looking to get their tax returns done quickly.

Our Service

We offer many types of accounting services that will help you keep up with all your corporate responsibilities as well as fulfilling your obligation to submit tax returns to the government during filing season. From filing IT12’s for personal purposes, offering financial services and advice on planning for the future, to providing such financial services for companies and small businesses such as offering income tax services, helping with VAT returns and now annual returns to CIPRO, as well as offering accounting consulting services.

Especially if you are looking for accounting services as a newly established small business, we can do all of your general accounting that includes invoicing to your clients and customers, collecting the debt, making payments to your suppliers, or as part of incorporating a payroll system in place where you have to make out cheques, or do electronic payments, either bi-weekly or on the 15th and 30/31st of every month.


We offer friendly and personalized services at all levels of the services that we offer, which includes both individuals and business tax services. Other services that we offer for you and your small business or company include billing services, accounts payable to keep up with all the necessary goings on within the operation side of your business, assisting with inventory management, as well as helping with business planning. It is important to set up budgets, goals and aim to meet those targets by knowing the right paths and decisions you need to make to succeed.

So if you are a small business or company looking to start off in business, then something like incorporating your business is something that you will also need to consider, however in order to deal and conduct proper commerce with the other clients that you are dealing with. All in all, Taxco Accountants and Tax Consultants offer great accounting services, please contact us today and a tax professional will be happy to setup an initial consultation to see how we can assist you and your business.


Our accounting services are affordable and are everything you need whether it is bookkeeping, payroll, taxation, reconciliation, business plan, individual, billing, planning, invoices and many more! We will help you with whatever you need to make your business complete and stress free. We try to keep everything organized, documented and on time for your business plan so that it will be easy for our clients to view everything and pick up things that need to be picked up. If the payroll is bi-weekly, we will get it done for you right on time.

Whether it is a big business plan, small business plan or even individual our bookkeeping services will always be recording transactions such as purchases, income, sales and much more. We want to organize everything that needs to be organized and make sure that everything will be done by the end date period. Bookkeeping is one of our best features that will make our clients more than happy with our services.

Up to date

With accounting services, so much is made around offered individual and companies with essential accounting needs that will assist them with their day to day. In the case of individuals, it is important that an accountant will help them file an IT12 return that will get them to keep up with their end of tax year filing responsibilities. As for small businesses and companies, you can depend on Taxco accounting to help them with more complex needs, something that differentiates individual personal tax returns with small business and corporate tax returns.


Small business and corporate tax returns if more complicated and requires more time and resources. However, if you are looking for simple accounting services for your small business, consider accounting and bookkeeping services with Taxco Accountants and tax Consultants. Simple bookkeeping services allows for your accountant to keep up your payroll management, ensure that you invoice your clients and customers regularly and on time

For example, large companies tend not to go with bookkeeping services, because they will have people in house who will do the day to day duties that a Taxco bookkeeping service will offer. However, a small business will look to outsource as many services to one entity to keep costs low, thus bookkeeping services is ideal for a small to medium size business. With such things as payroll management, having a bookkeeping service manage that is more cost-effective than that of a person that you will hire, especially if there is not much to manage from that aspect.

However, large companies will have so much diversity within the organization that keeping that service in-house makes sense because they are able to control it, something that is not really necessary when it comes to dealing with such things as payroll management for a small business.

Advanced (Tax Box Solution)

So if you are looking for our Taxco Tax and Bookkeeping services that is a bit more advanced than our competitors, we offer you Tax Box computerised Tax and Bookkeeping services, to have some interaction with the internet and the networking infrastructure that you have in place within your office of your small business.

We process your information, produce management reports and compile your annual financial statements, file your tax and other returns to SARS and Cipro,like any other accountants, and then…

All information received, produced by us or submitted is scanned with high production colour scanners and placed in your own private internet Tax Box where it is available to you on the internet anytime or anywhere you may be. You can also upload any documents into your Tax Box for safekeeping as you may think necessary. 

This keeps you in touch and in control of your business information while being 100% compliant.


Preparing taxes is something that a lot of people tend to do on their own for there own tax returns, because they can use SARS services or accounting and tax software that is promoted out there allowing them to simply input some numbers and then they simply print out their IT12 tax return that they have to file every year. We gladly assist these individuals when mistakes occur. We assist them to follow the Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures to resolve their tax queries and incorrect assessments.

This option is not as easy to come by when it comes to small businesses and companies. With the more complex levels and things to account for, preparing your tax returns for a business, be it small, medium size or large requires the use of an accounting firm. This is where we can help.

One on one

We at Taxco Accountants and Tax Consultants can assist you with all your tax preparation needs. If you are an individual looking to provide the government with your yearly IT12 or IT14 return then we can take the time to assist you with all your needs.

We offer one on one service that will ensure you get the right type of services that you are looking for and you never need to feel intimidated and all your information will be kept strictly confidential. The same can be said about our offering tax preparation services for small businesses and companies.


If you are a small business looking to have financial statements prepared at the end of the accounting year, then our experience will be able to prepare these for you. We understand that many small businesses only require simplified tax returns so it is important to find the right accounting firm like Taxco Accountants and Tax Consultants that will be able to assist you on that level.

If you are a large company, then the tax preparation services becomes a little more complex and for this we cater on a different level.

Team player

With a company having to deal with a larger workforce, and preparing payroll, and then the pay-outs to clients, a company requires more support, something that we can fulfill here at Taxco Accountants and tax Consultants. We can assist your company with payroll tax preparation and tax reconciliation filing for whenever you operational year takes place. We will work closely with the people designated on the team to make sure that you prepare your taxes and that you file them accordingly, at whatever the level is that you need the taxes done.

Tax relaxed

Taxco Accountants and Tax Consultants prepare tax returns so that you do not have to worry about how much you are going to owe the government or how much refund you will be getting back. We do the calculation beforehand and then we advise you if SARS has got it right. You stay one step ahead. We want to prepare your tax return so that you do not have to pay any penalties and want you to get the maximum lawful refund from SARS. If you are a regular client, we will call you to remind you to do a tax submission before it is too late! All we need from you is the tax information that you need to submit on your tax return and then we will prepare and submit your tax.

How can Taxco help?

Contact us today to discuss your specific accounting and tax service requirements.


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