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Taxco Accountants and Tax Consultants          

About Us - Corporate Profile  


Taxco Accountants and Tax Consultants - is a legally independent professional accounting and tax firm in Bloemfontein, South Africa.


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            Vision, Mission and Values
            Strategic Objectives  - 123
            Ethics and Code of Conduct
            Top Management Team (TMT)
            Management and Staff
            Office and contact details
            Business hours
            Woman at Taxco
            Corporate responsibility
            Environmental Green Policy
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Established in 1991, Taxco Accountants is a leading accounting and tax firm with an outstanding reputation and offers an extensive range of professional services with a high degree of specialisation. In addition to traditional accounting and tax, including domestic and international tax planning and preparation, the professional services include training, valuations and business acquisitions, family business services, forensic accounting and litigation support.

Taxco has developed several niche areas including joint ventures, partnerships and trusts; money market investments; comprehensive document scanning services; services for the government, public and not-for-profit sectors; accounting and payroll software; business postal services; debt counseling and independent trusteeships.

Taxco professionals combine practical knowledge with years of experience to provide a level of understanding and service that is unique among professional service firms. Taxco takes a team approach to every engagement, ensuring the highest degree of technical knowledge, experience and understanding of current issues and regulatory matters. In addition, due to a broad variety of clients, who are treated as business partners, the professionals have added access to a wide range of industry and service specialisation, that provide a variety of professional services including accounting and advisory, scanning technology solutions, recruiting and  wealth management.

These services are offered in separate business trusts being GR8 Business Trust IT434/01 for accounting and tax related services and whereas Taxco Accountants and Tax Consultants Trust IT 739/97 provide the asset, technology and wealth creation offerings.

Each franchise office serve their local business community and is independently owned and operated by the Franchise holder in that area.                  

Vision, Mission and Values

To recognise that clients are our business partners and our reason for being in business and they are entitled to our best possible products and services, which make good business sense, regardless of variables or conditions. We are committed to training professionally qualified accountants who serve the needs of South Africa, the business community, to set and maintain high ethical standards and to remain relevant in our changing environment.          

Strategic Objectives – 123

1. Knowledge
2. Vision
3. Results.

It is the integration of these qualities that defines the Taxco client experience. As one of the leading accounting and professional services firms, we pride ourselves in offering a deep understanding of business and tax practices and translating that knowledge into strategic solutions for our clients. Taxco is driven by a strong code of ethics, and our diversely-skilled team of professionals is committed to delivering the highest level of personal service.

Our commitment to the care of our clients and their businesses is strongly reflected in the loyalty they show us - some client relationships we have maintained for over 20 years.

Ethics and Code of Conduct  

The professionals at Taxco are members of one or more professional body and are subject to the various bodies and institutions rules and regulations, who prescribe specific ethical behaviour and/or a code of conduct that we adhere to. These professional bodies and institutions include:

Digital Archiving Board (DAB)
Softline Pastel Training
SABLE Document Imaging Architechs
Seta for Finance, Accounting, Management Consulting and Other Financial Services (FASSET)
The Debt Counseling Association of South Africa (DCASA)
The Financial Services Board (FSB)
The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB)
The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)
The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA)
The South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA)
The South African Institute of Tax Practioners (SAIT)           

We conduct our business strictly within the guidelines of the applicable professional standards set by the above governing or professional bodies, and in terms of other applicable laws and regulations. We acknowledge that these standards, laws, regulations and policies may not govern all types of behaviour and therefore Taxco has further developed it's own internal set of rules, office manuals and policies to improve transparency, trust and consistency of our business processes and dealings with clients.

Top Management Team

Our management team enables this mid-tier firm with the power and presence to rival the larger accounting firms, but keeping staff focused with the agility to respond to our client’s, needs quickly and decisively.

Heading up the team is:

Pierre Goosen
Matriculated at Zwaanswyk High School, Cape Town. Obtained his degree at the University of the Free State. Pierre holds a B.Compt honors degree in Accounting, Auditing, Management Accounting and Taxation. He is a founder member of Taxco after completing his articles at Viljoen, Louw Bartel and Partners, (later known as Coopers Lybrand) and a two and a half year stint at the Receiver of Revenue in Bloemfontein. Pierre lectured on advanced taxation and is responsible for the Taxco policies, standards and procedures.

His field of expertise is in Financial reporting, valuations, and forensic accounting. You can contact him at: 

Amanda Breytenbach
Matriculated at Sand Du Plessis High School, Bloemfontein. Obtained her Internal Auditing diploma at the Central University of South Africa. Amanda joined the firm in 1994, a Professional Accountant (SA)/Adv. Dip Tax (Unisa) completed her SAIPA articles at Taxco Accountants and specialises in Corporate taxation and Internal Auditing. She has a in-depth background in helping companies with their internal controls and changes to their accounting systems.

She oversees all the statutory work in the group and her primary focus is on corporate clients, private companies, close corporations and high wealth individuals. She can be contacted at:

Coreen Stroebel   
Matriculated at Fichardtpark High School, Bloemfontein. Obtained her Internal Auditing diploma at the Central University of Technology. Also a Professional Accountant (SA), Coreen completed her Diploma in Advanced Taxation at Unisa.

She found her niche in the taxation of Trusts, wills and estate planning. She is further responsible for all the monthly, payroll and secondary tax processes for a large variety of clients at Taxco and has extensive experience in complex taxation issues and participates as expert mediator during SARS audits. Her contact email is:

Management and Staff

Taxco's success is directly related to the talent of it's people. People who add value and serve our clients in the manner which they ultimately deserve. That is why we are so serious about our search for top talent and that strategy ranks the highest of all Taxco's key strategies.

At Taxco you'll be working alongside diverse, outstanding people, recognised professional leaders in their area of expertise, who are focused on developing a great business through building the skills and expertise of the team.   
The simple strategy to hire energetic, innovative individuals, without regard to race, colour or gender who see beyond the obvious, who can think broadly and deeply, is what brings great value to our clients.

See also our Workplace Policy on HIV/Aids below.

Services A to Z

                      Accounting Services
                      Accredited SAIPA Training Centre
                      Anti-virus Software Sales (ESET/Nod32)
                      Appeal against Assessments
                      Assessment Review

                      Bank Report by Accounting Officer
                      Banking Services
                      BEE Trusts
                      BEE Verification assistance for Exempted Micro Enterprises
                      Business Brokerage
                      Business Plans
                      Business Registrations
                      Business Valuations

                      Cash Flow Statement
                      Change Particulars of Private Company
                      Change Particulars of CC
                      Company Secretarial Services
                      Confirmation of Business/Residential Address
                      Contracts and Templates for Business
                      Convert CC to Private Company
                      Corporate Profile Compilation
                      Creditor Management
                      Data Purification       
                      Debt Counseling
                      Dept. of Labour Updates
                      Document imaging and Data Storage

                      E-filing Services
                      Enquiry at SARS regarding your Tax Status (Confidential)
                      Eset/Nod32 Antivirus Reseller
                      Extension for Submission Applications 

                      Finance Applications
                      Financial Analysis   
                      Financial Policies and Procedures   
                      Financial Statement Compilation   
                      Forensic Accounting
                      Formation of Trusts

                      Grant Applications and Tenders

                      Human Resource Services
                      Imaging of Records
                      Income Certificates
                      Income Tax Returns
                      -Salary earner, Investment income, RA & Medical
                      Income Tax Returns
                      -Travel expenses (Company Car/Travel Allowance)
                      Income Tax Returns
                      -Commission earners                                                                                              
                      Income Tax Returns
                       -Companies/CC’s and Trusts
                      Income Tax Returns
                       -Nil/Dormant Returns
                      Internal Audits   
                      Investment Advice and Banking   

                      Jobseeker Assistance
                      Joint-Venture Accounting
                      Key- Man Policies

                       Lease Contracts
                       Ledger Accounting
                       Liability Insurance
                       Life Insurance
                       Lifestyle Tax Audit
                       Loss of Profits Calculations

                       Management Accounting
                       Minutes of Meetings

                      Objection to Tax Assessments
                      Offshore Investments
                      On-line Tax Submissions and Advice

                      Pastel Value Added Reseller
                      Pastel Partner
                      Pastel Express   
                      Payroll Service
                      Provisional Tax Returns
                      Postal and Franking Services (Bloemfontein)
                      Project Management

                      Quality Control
                      Query Solving
                      Quotation Calculations

                      Real Estate Contracts
                      Recalculation of Tax Asessments
                      Recalculation of Tax on Payslip
                      Receiver of Revenue Consulting
                      Record Keeping
                      Registered Office for Companies/CC’s
                      Registrations  - Private Company
                      Registrations - Trust
                      Registrations – Income Tax
                      Registrations – VAT
                      Registration - Employer
                      Registration – Diesel Rebate
                      Registrations – UIF
                      Registrations – WCA
                      Repayment Calculation
                      Request Revised Assessments

                      Salary Register
                      SARS Enquiry Service   
                      Scanning and Electronic Data Storage   
                      Short Term Insurance
                      Skills Development Levies
                      Statement of Assets and Liabilities
                      Statistic Returns
                      Strategic Planning

                      Tax Services
                      Tax Clearance Certificate Application
                      Tender Applications
                      Transaction Processing
                      Trust Formation
                      Trusts and Estate Planning and Administration

                      Updates and Upgrades
                      Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)

                      Vanilla and VIP Payroll Software Reseller
                      Valuation of Business Entity

                      Wages Schedules and Coinage
                      Wealth Management
                      Workmens Compensation
                      Year- End Procedures
                      Yield Calculations

                      Zero-Based and Incremental Budgeting

Office and Contact details

Our head office is situated at Taxco House, 81 Zastron Street, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa.

Our contact details are as follows:

  P.O. Box 220, Bloemfontein, 9300
  Tel: +27 (0) 51 447 0825/7 (Telephone hours - 8:00am - 16:00pm)
  Fax: +27 (0) 86 508 3105 


Bloemfontein and Cape Town

Taxco Accountants and Tax Consultants Trust IT739/97
GR8 Business Trust IT434/01

Taxco House
81 Zastron Street
Bloemfontein 9301
South Africa

Taxco House
42 Genl. Dan Pienaar Drive
Bloemfontein 9301
South Africa

145 Blaauwberg Road
Table View
Cape Town 7441
South Africa

Mail Address :
PO Box 220/7890
Bloemfontein 9300
South Africa

Telephone: [27] (51) 447 0825/7 - Zastron Str
Telephone: [27] (51) 436 3829 - Genl. Dan Pienaar Dr
Telecopier/Fax: [27] (86) 509 0377
Cellular: 083 441 3828

Business Hours
Our business hours are:                    
Monday to Thursday: 09:00 to 13:00           
                                  13:30 to16:30 
Friday:                       09:00 to 13:00      

Excluding: Public Holidays (RSA)           
Annual closure:      Last Friday before Xmas until second Monday in the New year.

Woman at Taxco

Gender diversity at Taxco is well supported with the majority of the staff being woman in every department from junior to senior management level. To achieve this high retention of females, Taxco focused on core priority areas that contribute toward the retention of our female talent, these include, flexibility, work-life balance, prejudices, networking, coaching and mentoring.

We believe that the attraction, retention, advancement and empowerment of high-performing women, relates to the profitability, sustainability and future growth of our organisation.             
Being seen as an employer of choice and being a great place to work for, all our people is a key priority for Taxco. To succeed in our business, we are committed to attracting and retaining the best talent, both male and female. Happy, committed and enthusiastic people is our ultimate goal.

Corporate and Social responsibility

At Taxco our thinking is not only centred on serving our own interests, but those of the larger community as well. This "corporate responsibility"  thinking underlines our focus and determination in reaching long-term goals and sustainability. Each year we volunteer our time to support community programs, we contribute and support non-profit organisations with our professional expertise and in working hand in hand with our clients and business partners we form coalitions that address local needs and strengthen corporate responsibility agendas with the various stakeholders. We do not believe in cheque-book charity and focus on education and assistance.

Further as members of different professional institutes and as an accredited training centre, we acknowledge our social responsibility to the community to pass on our expertise to Learners of the accounting profession in a collegial system. To this end SAQA, the NQF, Fasset and SAIPA combine in prescribing Learnerships for potential future Professional Accountants (SA), which we adhere to.

Should you require assistance or advice regarding a community project or training, please feel free to contact us at

Environmental Green Policy

Our environment and natural resources are of critical importance to the economic growth and future sustainable development of our country. At Taxco, we have adopted a policy to manage our impact on the environment and the way we use resources. This policy in short aims to:
- Save water, electricity and paper.
- Make use of recycled materials.     
- Make our offices energy and water efficient.     
- Inform our members, associate firms, partners, staff and clients to consider their impact on our environment.

Franchise/Member Firms

Each franchise/member firm is independent. Each is a separate legal, financial and administrative entity, practising under the laws of the country and region where it is based. Each is locally owned, operated and managed, and responsible for its own liabilities. Franchise or member firms are not members of one international or legal partnership. No single firm is responsible for the services or activities of any other, but each franchise /member firm is committed to the standards and values represented by the TAXCO brand.

The Member Firms include:        
Taxco Accountants and Tax Consultants Trust IT739/97
                      Trustees: PT Goosen, A Breytenbach, C Stroebel
GR8 Business Trust t/a Taxco Accountants and Tax Consultants IT434/01
                      Trustees: PT Goosen, A Breytenbach, C Stroebel

Taxco Accountants Bfn (Pty) Ltd
                      Director: C Stroebel

Taxco Accountants (Pty) Ltd
                      Directors: A Breytenbach

Taxco Accountants CPT (Pty) Ltd
                     Directors: PT Goosen
Correspondent Firms

Taxco works in close association with other professionals allowing us to offer a broader range of services and expertise. Correspondent firms perform agreed specialist services on behalf of Franchise /Member firms, but they do not have the same rights or responsibilities and services are rendered on a request basis. They are therefore are not Member firms of Taxco. They are not allowed to use the Taxco name without express permission, but they follow practice guidelines designed to monitor their conformity to Taxco and other professional standards when delivering services. Each correspondent firm governs itself and is responsible for its own liabilities.

Our Correspondent Firms include:

  Eminent Wealth Insurance Brokers
  Sable Document Imaging
  Sage Pastel
  Suehellen CC - Taxco Cape Town
  Willie Smit Makelaars

We thank you for taking the time to read our corporate profile and for the interest in our enterprise. We hope that this profile provided you with a better understanding of our business processes and dedication to serve our clients on a flexible, affordable way and with a personal approach without compromising professionalism.    

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