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Taxco Simple Payroll Solution

Taxco's Simple Payroll – Your Easy Payroll Solution

As your business partner we understand that it is difficult to keep up with new PAYE legislation. Call us today for a free quote and say "Good bye" to your payroll nightmares...

No matter how big or small - Let Taxco Payroll take care of your payroll for you while YOU take care of your business.

It’s all about managing the salaries & wages of your employees the simple way!

The system features:

Customizable payslips with:

  • Employer/Employee Contributions
  • Pension Fund/Provident Fund & Medical Aid Fund
  • Include private Retirement Annuities for tax relief.
  • Loans - Multiple loans can be added for each employee. Interest rates are calculated using simple interest.
  • Bonus Tax Savings -This feature allows employees to save a nominated amount, which is offset against the additional tax levied in the ‘bonus’ month.
  • Leave - Use the leave manager to plan when and who needs to go on leave and what sick leave is due. Record unpaid leave to keep track of absenteeism.
  • Overtime - Use our default rates or add your own customized rates.
  • Payslips / IRP5 / IT3(a) - The system produce all the statutory payslips, IRP5/IT3(a) certificates and required reports for you and keeps a complete Salary and Wage register on your behalf.

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