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Financial Statement Information Checklist

Financial Statement Information Checklist

Information required for Year-end/Tax & Financial statements work:

  •  -Cashbook
  •  -General Ledger
  •  -Trail Balance
  •  -Lease/HP Contract/Agreements
  •  -Lease/HP Statements showing balances
       at year-end
  •  -Bank Reconciliation at year-end
  •  -Copy of Bank Statements at year-end
  •  -Total List of Debtors with amounts they owe
  •  -Total list of Creditors with amounts you owe
  •  -Fixed Assets List/Register, with total fixed assets value
  •  -Purchases and Sale contracts as applicable
  •  -Total owner’s remuneration/drawings
  •  -Stock sheets, showing stock on hand at year-end and cost totalled
  •  -VAT return copies submitted for the applicable year
  •  -Tax Return information of  the owner plus all interest, RA, and similar certificates/details
  •  -Any other details required in your circumstances

The above documentation can be dropped off, couriered or emailed to Taxco and we will compile the Financial statements as required.

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