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For Clients Only

For Taxco Clients Only

With your own userid, here's what will be available to you, as our client, on our website:

Free Tax advice . . . Our clients receive unlimited free tax advice, ask tax questions via our website and we will give you the right advice for free.

Record Retention Guidelines . . . Find out how long you need to keep your records.

Secure File Transfer. . . . You'll be able to tranfer your computer files to our office, and receive files, including ad-hoc financial statements and copies of tax return, when needed.

End of Month procedures and checklists . . . We will make sure you know exactly how to transfer files to our office, including when to perform backups or other monthend administration.

Software . . . For clients using our member firms and associate software, we provide software downloads and updates. Software training is also available.

Documents and templates . . . You'll have access to certain documents that we make available to all our clients, such as a sample expense reports, cash flow templates, monthly Excel summary templates, additionally, we will provide, as needed, documents and templates addressing your specific needs.

Biz Guides  . . . Free Business guides to assist you with Accounting, Management, Employee administration, Tax and many other topics in your business.

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