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Taxco Business Guide



The objective of this business guide is to define the various Taxco Financial Service Solutions they offer.


Supporting your aspirations and securing your future

As diverse as our client base is, all our clients share one fundamental benefit: our commitment to making their money work as hard a possible for them.

One of the more important things that you can do for yourself and your family is to financially plan for the future and your retirement. It is important to find trained professionals from who you can seek advice and work with closely to give you everything you need in order to plan for the future financially.

Taxco – FSB Accredited Financial Service Providers (FSB no. 10754)

Regulated by the Financial Services Board, we offer extensive experience in financial advice services. Our staff have a high degree of technical knowledge and keep up to date with current developments in this ever changing market.

At Taxco Asset, IT and Wealth Management in partnership with Eminent Wealth, our financial advisors will assist with your financial planning of your future. Other things that we can help you with includes looking at your current investments and policies, reviewing them to help you put programs into place that will start from right now, contributing money into plans that will grow over time that when you are ready to retire, you will have something in place that will help you with your retirement or whatever else you are looking to finance.

Save Save Save

One of the things that many young individuals neglect to do when they are younger is to set aside monies that will help them be independent in the future. Although you are maybe contributing to your work pension plan, many experts feel that by the coming years, the value of money, influenced by inflation will simply not be enough to support the lifestyle you have grown accustomed to once you have retired, in spite of the contributions that you made over the years, that is why it is imperative that you start to focus on other means to save.

So with a little planning from an expert at Taxco, we will assist you and present you with many options that you can plan for your future, that includes saving for yourself or planning for your family’s future as well.

Taxco is here to make you save money! We do not want you to have any problems dealing with money; we want to help you with your financial plans. Financial services could be saving money for your kids in the future, saving money for a brand new car, saving money for a new business you are planning to open, saving money for a new home, and many more.

Our Financial Services include:

Click on any of the services below to request more information, get more advice on your specific circumstances or to obtain a free quote.

Retirement Planning – Pension, Provident Funds and Retirement Annuities

Many people that have to keep working after retirement are those who had very good income streams throughout their careers and were convinced that they saved enough to maintain their lifestyles when they do not have to work anymore.

The earlier people implement a retirement planning strategy, the bigger their chances are to retire comfortably. We believe that the success of the build-up of a sufficient retirement investment portfolio does not depend on timing of the investment markets, but rather of the time that you spend in the market. The effect of compound interest has to be taken into account here.

Putting aside a regular amount of money during your working life is probably the best method to ensure that you will have sufficient income during your retirement. Investing into a Pension plan has historically been the most popular method of making these regular commitments. The tax advantages offered by Government provide the opportunity for your Pension Fund to grow with very little tax. You are also currently allowed to draw a significant amount of your pension fund as a lump sum with no tax payable.

We combine an employer's retirement fund, retirement annuities, unit trusts and other investments in our calculations. We aim to explain the different characteristics of these products to our clients so that their investments can agree with their main goals and risk profile.

Most people recognise that it is important to plan for retirement. This is especially true for those who are hoping to retire before the usual State Retirement ages.

Business Succession Planning

Keyman and Golden Handcuff Strategies

Estate Tax Planning

With the use of business and family trust, your growth assets are kept in trust, out of your and your family’s estates, thus minimising estate duty payable to government on death. We create plans that consider the objectives of both the current and future generations.

Trusts Coordination

We act as independent trustees on many trust, where we assist and advise you on the specific issues of that trust, whilst as independent trustee ensuring that your goals and objectives are achieved in effectively managing the trust assets, tax implications and the eventual distribution to the beneficiaries you intended.

Group Benefits

It is important to factor in any Group Benefits that you may have with your employer, to add to them or to consider the consequences of changing jobs.

Creation and Implementation of Business Succession Plans

  • Lifetime and Charitable Donation Strategies
  • Life Protection Cover Insurance Planning       
  • Life protection cover - if you have dependants how would they cope financially in the event of a breadwinner’s premature death? Would there be any unpaid debts left?
  • Life cover is primarily used to provide money for people who financially depend on you. If there is no one who will be financially distressed by your death, life assurance is probably not essential,

though there are other reasons why it would be useful:

Liquidity. Life cover is often an excellent source to create liquidity in an estate.

Mortgage. If the house is to be lived in by your partner or children then it is normal practice to ensure that the mortgage is cleared on death.

Money for dependants. If you have small children then money will help provide for them, perhaps by allowing the surviving partner to stay at home or work part-time for some years.

Business debts. Banks and creditors get worried when key people die. Credit lines get shortened or even pulled, often with fatal consequences for the business. If you are a key person your business could insure you to provide cash flow to settle all debts and recruit a new person.

Business Partners and Co-directors. If you die you hope that your colleagues will pay a fair value for your share of the business, but they can only do this if the funds are available. Life cover can be used to provide this.

Inheritance tax. – The monies can settle the liability your beneficiaries may have when accepting assets in kind  and prohibiting that the estate assets have to be sold or be encumbered.

Hedge Funds
Structuring of Investment Partnerships

Disability Cover

Income Protection Plans

One of the most devastating life events is to become ill or disabled and be forced to live on State Benefits through being unable to work.

Ask yourself what will happen if you become too ill to work? Will you be able to keep up the mortgage payments? What State Benefits will you get? How long will your savings last? For how long will your employer pay you?

If you do not have cover through your employer, then you may need to purchase your own. The cost depends upon a number of factors including your age, how safe or dangerous your employment is, your state of health and how long you are willing to wait before any payment commences.

With income protection the insurance company pays you your insured monthly income subject to statutory restrictions when you become medically disabled to work until a certain age or for a specific period of time when you are hospitalised.

Dread Disease and Critical illness Cover

If you suffered a severe illness or accident and needed to adapt your home to cater for your disability, would you have sufficient funds available to enable this, and would you want to clear all debts?

Long-term illness often brings with it a long recovery period during which many patients are unable to work. This can be a real burden when there are bills to pay and loved ones to support.

If you have a Critical Illness policy you could receive a lump sum payment that will allow you to follow that advice. You can stop working, relax, concentrate on getting better, and not worry about the bills.

How it works:

The policies pay out a lump sum if you find that you have any one of a number of specified conditions or need a named operation. Payment is normally made on either diagnosis, or if you survive a pre-determined time period following diagnosis, or progression to some specified level of seriousness.

The conditions covered vary from company to company, and you should check with the product provider to see exactly which conditions are covered, but will normally include:

  • some forms of cancer
  • some forms of heart attack
  • stroke
  • some terminal diseases

There will frequently be a long list of other conditions such as MS, Motor Neurone Disease, loss of sight, hearing and limbs, and others, the details of which may vary between insurance companies.

We will help determine what cover you need, what sort of policy you need and help find the most suitable and cost effective insurance company.

Corporate Note - if you are a company and have valuable staff whose absence due to a Critical Illness would cause a problem, (e.g. the sales manager whose personal touch closes the business and who is laid off by a heart attack, or the technical specialist whose skills are essential to providing solutions for clients) then as a company you can insure the company against this. We will be pleased to discuss this with you.


Whether you have won money on the lottery, have an inheritance from a wealthy relative or have managed to build a lump sum by saving on a regular basis, your money should be wisely invested so its spending power is protected for the future.

Unfortunately, many people leave large amounts of their money sitting on deposit in ordinary commercial banks. This, traditionally, is seen as safe, but the money is not well protected against any rise in inflation.

Statistics recognise that there are ups and downs in the share market. Accordingly, if you are considering investing for a long term, normally more than 5 years, it is generally wise to consider 'equity' related investments. These are ones that are closely linked to the changes in the value of shares.

When considering any investment you must note that the past investment performance is no guide to possible future investment returns. The value of your investment and the income you receive from it may fall as well as rise.

We, analyse your needs and then consider all the options and sometimes combine a variety of options in our advice for tax efficient and worthwhile growth. These may include:

  • Money Market Accounts
  • Unit Trusts
  • Investment Bonds
  • Shares on the Stock Exchange

Buy and Sell Agreements

Key-man Insurance Policies

Private Medical Insurance - Medical Aids and Hospital Plans

These contracts vary, from Rolls Royce plans that will cover you for every eventuality, with all appointments and treatments at times and places of your choice, to other popular budget plans, excluding certain conditions and treatments.

The plans are popular with clients who simply do not want to be at the mercy of a government hospital, waiting lists and local clinics that may not deal with their particular problem.

We can help you choose the right plan at the right price for your needs.

Testaments and Wills

Our tax clients receive this as a free service.  Planning for dispositions at death is important in terms of practicality and minimising taxes and estate duty.

Family Protection

Looking after your family and ensuring that there are adequate funds to cope with the unexpected will probably form the cornerstone of your financial planning.

Illness, job loss or the death of a salary or wage earner can plunge families into real financial hardship. Taking a little time to assess your risks and work out how much money you would need to cover debts and provide your family with an income for the future, could be the most sensible thing you do today.

With all the insurance products now available, a complete programme of protection can be built to meet your needs and it can be adaptable to cater for future changes in your circumstances.

Whether you are concerned with the need to provide for your family if you die or feel that your greatest risk is from illness, there is a product to meet your needs. If your partner also contributes to the family income, then you could build a separate plan for them or take out a joint policy covering you both.

How can Taxco help?

To find out more information simply Contact Us to request more information, get more advice on your specific circumstances or to obtain a free quote.

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