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Taxco Tax Club for Employees

TAXCO TAX CLUB - Only for persons earning Salary or Commission income

“At Taxco we can not only solve your tax issues, but we stand right beside you during any SARS audit. Clearly, this sets us apart from the competition (who will typically stand well behind you, and a little to the left)”

Join our Taxco Tax Club for as little as R98 per month and all your tax concerns are something of the past.

Employers cannot deduct all the legal deductions you may be entitled to and employees therefore have to submit a tax return to claim their rightful refund. We will have your annual Income tax return professionally prepared and claim the full refund you may be entitled to.

If your answer is "YES" to any ONE of the following questions, you may be entitled to a tax refund: 
Do you receive a travel allowance or have a company car?
Do you have medical expenses?
Do you contribute to a retirement annuity fund?
Is most of your income derived from commission?
Do you hold a public office position?

Are you Tax relaxed?

More than 500 taxpayers are allready doing their taxes the easy way. You fax, scan, email us the information. We calculate, advise, assist, complete and submit your tax return. Just like that!

Get your taxes sorted now ! Click here to join Taxco Tax Club.  JOIN NOW!!!

Check out the exclusive ADDITIONAL free Taxco Tax Club Benefits  

No nonsense, no stories - This is the how it works !!!  Click to see the Taxco Tax Club Terms and Conditions

Money Back Guarantee

To show you our good faith and confidence in our services, we offer you a 2-month money-back guarantee from the date of your first payment of your membership fees, if you are dissatisfied with our services in any way. During this 2-month period, you are free to use the advice and assistance service as often as you choose. In other words, joining the Taxco Tax Club for Employees you have nothing to lose and everything to gain !

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