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BG951 Taxco Trusts, Estate planning and Administration

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Estate Planning and Retirement


Taxco Asset, IT and Wealth Management Consultants handles all aspects of estate planning and administration. Our expert team of professionals develops strategic plans to preserve assets for the financial security of our clients and their families.
Depending on the complexity of the property, how it is owned, the provisions of the decedent's will, and the applicable law, an executor has various complicated responsibilities. Taxco Accountants and Tax Consultants Trust serves as an executor's trusted adviser.

Our Estate Planning Services Include:

  • Drafting of Wills and other testamentary documents
  • Development and design of estate plans to reduce estate and gift tax while maximizing family wealth
  • Development of family-gift-giving programs and preparation of applicable Donation tax returns
  • Creation and implementation of business succession plans
  • Formation of inter-vivos and BEE Trusts
  • Creation of strategies for using inter-vivos trusts in the estate planning process
  • Design and implementation of charitable-giving strategies to minimize Estate duty, donations tax, and income tax
  • Planning for Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and qualified plan distributions to maximize family wealth and minimize taxes
  • Preparation of business valuations to be utilized in effectuating lifetime donations to minimize Estate duty and Donations tax
  • Assisting clients in identifying long-term care needs and implementing solutions.

Our Estate Administration Services Include:

  • Amendments to and administration of trust deeds
  • Preparation and submission of trust and estate tax returns
  • Preparation of judicial and non-judicial fiduciary accountings for trusts and estates
  • Preparation and submission of Donation Tax returns - IT144
  • Post-mortem planning; including use of disclaimers, redemption of shares of closely-held businesses, and allocation of generation-skipping transfer tax exemption
  • Working with attorneys, executors and beneficiaries to minimize estate tax and income tax
  • Assisting executors in navigating through the estate administration process
  • Assisting beneficiaries in resolving family disputes regarding inherited or inheritable assets
  • Valuation of closely-held business interests

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