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Learnerships at Taxco

Learnerships at Taxco


The objective of this guide is to:

• To introduce the future Trainee Accountant to the Taxco
  Accredited Training Centre (ATC) in Bloemfontein
• Explain what a Learnership is as administered by the
  Department of Labour
• To highlight some important considerations for future Trainee
  Accountants looking to complete their Learnership at Taxco.


Accredited Training Centre

GR8 Business Trust t/a Taxco Accountants and Tax Consultants (ATC179), situated at Taxco House, 81 Zastron Street, Bloemfontein is an Accredited Training Centre (ATC) for Trainee Accountants registered at the South African Institute of Professional Accountants and the Seta for Finance, Accounting, Management Consulting and Other Financial Services (FASSET).

As an ATC, Taxco Accountants and Tax Consultants

• Provide a suitable and professional training environment for the Trainee Accountant

• We are committed to the promotion of education and training of future accountants

• We are recognised in the business community as being an active participant in providing a professional training environment for prospective

• We uphold and encourage the maintenance of the highest professional standards amongst Trainee Accountants and the functions that they

• Encourage and actively support the concept of life-long learning amongst Trainee Accountants during and after completion of the training

• We are committed to the principles and objectives of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and strive to provide learning opportunities
  towards nationally recognised qualifications.

• We have a designated Overall Evaluator (OE) who is a Member in good standing of SAIPA and authorised by SAIPA to act as a mentor and
  evidence facilitator at the ATC concerned.

• We further promote the Broad Based Economic Empowerment (BBEE) initiatives of the South African Government.

What exactly is a Learnership?

A Learnership is a sponsored form of study, whereby a Trainee is employed by an Accredited Training Centre (ATC) for a set period of time, so that he or she can gain workplace experience that will support academic studies. In return, the employer is rebated a portion of the Skills Development Levy which is administered on behalf of the SETA (in our case, FASSET) by SARS. FASSET is the SETA for Finance, Accounting, Management Consulting and other Financial Services.

Learnerships are administered by the Department of Labour. The Learnership initiative was introduced to South Africa in order to provide skills required by the labour market to previously disadvantaged individuals. It’s important to note that whether you are Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDI) or not, when you register for a Learnership you also need to register with FASSET.

A SAIPA Learnership is backed by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and based on the SAQA qualifications 20391 and 20392 which are at Level 7 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF.)

The Taxco Learnership

Practical exposure is granted to Trainee Accountants and Bookkeepers to complete the Learnerships at either professional body under the supervision of qualified accountants and bookkeepers, within the guidelines and formal training plan as embodied in the various Institutes’ logbooks.

The Learnerships are made up of practical real-life training experiences ensuring hands-on knowledge and understanding of practical financial accounting, taxation, commercial law, management accounting and practice management, a real process of work and learn apprenticeship.

Logbooks and POE
The logbooks are comprehensive training programs of what area of expertise a Trainee Accountant had exposure to and is a progress record thereof over the period of the Learnership. Trainees are further required to keep a Proof of Evidence (POE) file of their learning and are assessed regularly and their progress measured against their logbook.

Taxco offers a broad range of services to clients and therefore our Trainee Accountants are exposed to a wide variety of practical situations with ample opportunity to specialise in a specific field, be it in accounting, income tax, payroll, internal auditing or practice management.

This comprehensive training program is co-ordinated in conjunction with SAIPA and the Seta for Finance, Accounting, Management Consulting and Other Financial Services (FASSET), and forms the practical sphere of the pre-requisites to become a professional accountant and member of SAIPA.

Pre-requisites for the Professional Accountants (SA) Qualification

The pre-requisites to obtain membership of SAIPA, an academic component, consisting of a 3-year degree with specific subjects, as well as a practical component and a final qualifying exam must be successfully completed. The Learnership for a graduate is three years. The academic component must include the subjects as Financial Accounting, Taxation, Auditing, Commercial Law and Management Accounting.

Continued Professional Education

Our own Professional Accountants (SA) are further required to fulfil their lifelong continued professional education (CPE), a pre-requisite of SAIPA. CPE allows Professional Accountants to stay updated with ongoing developments in the accounting profession, again allowing us to give the best possible service to our clients, also allowing SAIPA membership of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).   

How can Taxco help?

Thinking of completing the three year SAIPA learnership – Do you have what it takes? Download the SAIPA Trainee Guide,

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for more detailed information about the history of SAIPA, the qualification, the training process, progress monitoring and the topics covered during the Learnership.

After making an informed decision and commitment Contact Us to discuss the start of your exciting future in new age accounting and taxation at Taxco Accountants and Tax Consultants. Email your complete Curriculum Vitae to

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