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Sage Pastel Partner Super User

Sage Pastel Partner Super User Course

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Course Outline


  •     Preparing to install
  •     Installing and registering Pastel Partner

Working in the Demo Company

  •     Open a company in Pastel
  •     Navigate in Pastel Partner using the four navigation methods

Creating a New Company

  •     Setting up a company
  •     Using the Pastel setup assistant

Auto Setup

  •     Auto Setup menu
  •     Auto Setup process

Edit Masterfiles

  •     Edit General Ledger
  •     Edit Suppliers
  •     Edit Inventory
  •     Edit Customers

Take On Balances

  •     Taking on General Ledger balances
  •     Taking on Customer balances
  •     Taking on Supplier balances
  •     Taking on Inventory balances

Introduction to Processing

  •     To do lists
  •     Notes on processing

Supplier Processing

  •     Create a purchase order
  •     Goods received notes
  •     Supplier invoices
  •     Return and debit
  •     Supplier journal

Customer Processing

  •     Create a quotation
  •     Sales orders
  •     Tax invoices
  •     Credit notes
  •     Debit notes
  •     Customer journals

Cash Book Processing

  •     Settings
  •     Processing in the cash book
  •     Inter - Account transfers

Monthly Processing

  •     Customer monthly processes
  •     Supplier monthly processes
  •     Other monthly processes
  •     Processing in cash book

Advanced Functions in the File Menu

  •     Consolidating companies
  •     Export / Import
  •     Data integrity
  •     Restore
  •     Send and receive accountant data
  •     Printer / font setup.

Advanced Functions in the General Ledger

  •     User Setup
  •     Creating a new entry type, editing the tax box
  •     Layout, budgets
  •     Cost codes
  •     Depreciation
  •     Accruals
  •     Purchase of an asset
  •     Tax in the General Journal
  •     Importing a bank statement in the bank reconciliation
  •     Using a salaries and wages control account

Advanced Customer Functions

  •     Multiple delivery addresses
  •     Discounts and special prices
  •     Make one for all feature
  •     Processing an RD cheque
  •     Accounting for bad debts
  •     Mail merge feature

Advanced Supplier Functions

  •     Additional cost invoices
  •     Processing invoices with customs tax

Advanced Functions in the Change Menu

  •     Delete history / clear files
  •     Delete inactive Customers / Suppliers
  •     Open item / balance forward conversions
  •     Reconcile / unreconcile cash book
  •     Renumber codes
  •     Block Customers / Suppliers assistant

Advanced Functions in the Utility Menu

  •     Control centre
  •     Microsoft Office integration

Other Advanced Functions

  •     Forms designer
  •     Inventory selling price adjustment
  •     Business Intelligence Centre overview
  •     ACT! overview


  •     An overview of networks.

Installing Pastel Partner on a Workgroup

  •     System Requirements
  •     Regional and Language Options
  •     Installing Pastel Partner

Installing Pastel Partner on a Client – Server Network

  •     Installing Client – Server Pastel Partner
  •     Installing Pervasive Client – Server for Windows
  •     Installing Pervasive Client – Server for Linux
  •     Installing Pervasive Client – Server for Netware
  •     Installing Pastel Accounting

Registering Pastel Partner

  •     Registering a Server or Stand Alone Computer
  •     Registering a Workstation

Converting your Previous Companies


  •     Database Models
  •     Pervasive Components
  •     Pervasive Utilities
  •     Troubleshooting Pervasive

Microsoft SQL Express 2005

  •     System Requirements
  •     Installing SQL Server 2005
  •     Databases
  •     Backups and Restores
  •     Attaching and Detaching Databases

Multi Stores

This module allows you to create separate stores with different inventory items linked to them. The system tracks inventory quantities per store. You can even have different selling prices for inventory items for different stores.

You will cover the following course objectives :

  •     Activate the Multi-Store module
  •     Set document numbers
  •     Create stores
  •     Link inventory items
  •     Set user access for the stores
  • Bill of Materials

These modules work together and allow you to manufacture and assemble items with ease and perfection.  You can also manufacture items as you process an invoice and can create as many sub levels or components as you require.

You will cover the following course objectives:

  •     Set Up the Manufacturing Module
  •     Create Bills of Materials and Kit Item Codes
  •     Manufacture and Unmanufacture Items
  •     Using Kit Items
  •     Reporting on Manufacturing

Serial Number Tracking

This module will take you through the processes and functions that allow you to track inventory items individually by their serial numbers. This function is very useful for tracking warranties and guarantees. The system keeps a full history of each item’s movement into and out of the company using the serial numbers as reference.

You will cover the following course objectives :

  •     Setting up serial numbers
  •     Creating serial numbers
  •     Processing with serial numbers
  •     Serial number reports

Multi Currency

This module allows you to create different foreign currencies as well as process in different currencies. It also allows you to split importation costs whilst processing inventory, supplier or customer invoices.

You will cover the following course objectives :

  •     Setting up Multi-Currency
  •     Processing in Multi-Currency
  •     Multi-Currency Reports

Point of Sale

Pastel Point of Sale (POS) is a simple and secure retail solution. Pastel Point of Sale is powerful, yet easy to set-up and operate. You will cover the following course objectives :

  •     Setting Up Point of Sale
  •     Settings in Pastel
  •     Settings in Point of Sale
  •     Setting up Backup Paths
  •     Processing Point of Sale transactions
  •     Shortcut transactions
  •     Processing PoS transactions
  •     Processing Cash In / Out
  •     Processing using the touch screen
  •     Supervisor processing
  •     Updating documents
  •     Point of Sale Reports
  •     Outstanding documents
  •     Batch listings
  •     Cash up variance report
  •     Daily sales reports
  •     Monthly sales report


Pastel Receipting is a specialised add-on module that allows you to enter data once in order to process and print receipts. You can do this without having to use your cash book. Once you are ready, Pastel Receipting will automatically move the receipts into your cash book for you.

You will cover the following course objectives :

  •     Setting up the Receipting module
  •     Processing in Receipting module
  •     Receipting module reports

Time and Billing

The Pastel Partner Time and Billing module allows you to bill your employees’ time to your customers. Simply fill out timesheets for your employees and charge your customers via activities. The activities that you create are the services you sell to your customers.

You will cover the following course objectives :

  •     Setting up Time and Billing
  •     Processing timesheets
  •     Generating Time and Billing invoices
  •     Time and Billing reports

GL Manager

The General Ledger Manager module allows you to make changes to your General Ledger that is not possible to do by editing accounts. You would use the General Ledger Manager to restructure your General Ledger to reflect changes in your business or to correct errors that have been made when creating accounts.  For example if you selected the incorrect chart of accounts when creating your company and have then worked in the company, you can adjust the General Ledger using this module.

You will cover the following course objectives :

  •     Renumber General Ledger Accounts.
  •     Delete General Ledger Accounts.
  •     Consolidate General Ledger Accounts.
  •     Change Financial Categories.
  •     Change GAAP Categories.
  •     Print the Audit Trail.

Pastel Bank Manager

This module allows you to import your internet bank statements into Pastel’s cash book system. It streamlines the process by allowing you to set up frequent transactions once, which will then be recognised in future bank statements. You are also able to set up your transactions so that Pastel Partner Bank Manager will allocate an account (General Ledger, customer or supplier) and a description to regular transactions.

You will cover the following course objectives :

  •     Downloading a bank statement
  •     Seting up the transaction
  •     Transfering the information

Pastel Cash Manager

This module allows you to collect outstanding money from customers and keeps a tracking record of all entries.  The Cash Manager module will also post reminders when to contact customers and supply detailed reports of outstanding payments and received payments.

You will cover the following course objectives:

  •     Installing Cash Manager
  •     Setting Up Cash Manager
  •     Processing in Cash Manager

Fixed Assets

In the Fixed Assets module, the following will be covered:

  •     How to set up the asset defaults.
  •     How to create master assets as well as sub assets.
  •     Calculating book and tax depreciation.
  •     Gives you a comprehensive overview of Capex Budgets and Orders.
  •     You can link assets in a master and sub asset relationship, which is useful, for example when you make changes to computer workstations.

The different reports available for assets.

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