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Sage Pastel Partner Multi Currency Software

Conduct business across multiple currencies with Sage Pastel Partner’s Multi-Currency module

It’s business as usual when dealing with foreign customers and suppliers with Pastel Partner’s Multi-Currency add-on module.. The Multi-Currency module can process in 30 currencies and allows you to define a currency for each customer, supplier and bank account. This module is fully Euro compliant and supports European Union processing.

Pastel Partner’s Multi-Currency module includes the following capabilities:

  • Process in up to 30 currencies
  • Set up to 3 decimal digits per currency
  • Levy tax on foreign currency transactions if necessary
  • Produce statements and remittances, and invoice customers/suppliers in their currency; you have the choice of viewing and printing invoices in your home currency, or easily view these in a foreign currency with up to date foreign currency exchange rate conversions
  • Create and update exchange rate indicator tables for each currency, and revalue foreign currency balances at any time
  • Produce price lists, financial statements and reports in any currency

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