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Sage Pastel Essentials of Selling

Sage Pastel Essentials of Selling Course

Course overview

This workshop will give you in-depth knowledge on all the essentials of selling you need to know for your company.

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Sage Pastel Essentials of Selling Course

Entrance Requirements

There are no entrance requirements for this course.

Target Learners

The target learners include anyone in sales and anyone wanting to get into sales.


This is a one day (6 hour) workshop.

Delivery Methods

The delivery methods include facilitated workshops


There are no assessments for this course

Course Outline

Module 1 – Back to Basics – An introduction to professional selling

  •     Getting down to basics
  •     Organisational roles
  •     Organisational goals and objectives
  •     The sales function and your role
  •     Defining your target market
  •     Profiling your ideal client
  •     The 80/20 principal – Pareto principal
  •     Soft skills versus Technical skills
  •     The economic recession and its impact on the world of sales
  •     What is a free market system?
  •     The “history” of selling
  •     Did you know that selling is a process?

Module 2 – Self Evaluation

  •     What motivates you?
  •     The wheel of life
  •     Self evaluation questionnaire
  •     Goals and goal setting
  •     Personal development
  •     Time management
  •     The sales problem identifier
  •     How to develop an effective sales personality

Module 3 – Sales Planning and Preparation

  •     Understanding the importance of planning
  •     Creating the “WOW” factor
  •     Defining your target market
  •     Constructing your presentation
  •     Prospecting and cold calling
  •     Understanding selling and the sales process
  •     Working your plan

Module 4 – Making a great presentation

  •     The planned presentation process
  •     Getting the appointment
  •     Dressing the part
  •     Building Rapport
  •     Establishing Credibility
  •     Essential skills that you should have
  •     Building value
  •     Reducing risk
  •     The dynamics of group presentations

Module 5 – Overcoming stalls and objections

  •     What is a stall?
  •     What is an objection?
  •     Identifying the real objection
  •     How to deal with stalls and objections
  •     The sale starts when the customer objects

Module 6 – Closing the sale

  •     How to close a sale
  •     Winning closing techniques
  •     Words you should avoid
  •     How to ask a closing question

Module 7 – After sales service

  •     The importance of after sales service

Module 8 – Relationship building and management

  •     What is customer relationship management?
  •     How to build lasting relationships

Module 9 – Understanding your customer

  •     Customers and their needs
  •     Purchasing power and buying behaviour
  •     Your customers and the competition

Module 10 – Additional stuff you need to know

  •     Business brand identity
  •     Conflict Management
  •     Decision making and autonomy
  •     Delegating responsibility

Module 11 – Reporting and paperwork

  •     The importance of reporting and paper work in selling
  •     Management requirements
  •     The communication loop
  •     Post-mortems

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Sage Pastel Essentials of Selling Course

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