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Sage Pastel Essentials of Selling

Sage Pastel Essentials of Selling Course

Course overview

This workshop will give you in-depth knowledge on all the essentials of selling you need to know for your company.

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Entrance Requirements

There are no entrance requirements for this course.

Target Learners

The target learners include anyone in sales and anyone wanting to get into sales.


This is a one day (6 hour) workshop.

Delivery Methods

The delivery methods include facilitated workshops


There are no assessments for this course

Course Outline

Module 1 – Back to Basics – An introduction to professional selling

  •     Getting down to basics
  •     Organisational roles
  •     Organisational goals and objectives
  •     The sales function and your role
  •     Defining your target market
  •     Profiling your ideal client
  •     The 80/20 principal – Pareto principal
  •     Soft skills versus Technical skills
  •     The economic recession and its impact on the world of sales
  •     What is a free market system?
  •     The “history” of selling
  •     Did you know that selling is a process?

Module 2 – Self Evaluation

  •     What motivates you?
  •     The wheel of life
  •     Self evaluation questionnaire
  •     Goals and goal setting
  •     Personal development
  •     Time management
  •     The sales problem identifier
  •     How to develop an effective sales personality

Module 3 – Sales Planning and Preparation

  •     Understanding the importance of planning
  •     Creating the “WOW” factor
  •     Defining your target market
  •     Constructing your presentation
  •     Prospecting and cold calling
  •     Understanding selling and the sales process
  •     Working your plan

Module 4 – Making a great presentation

  •     The planned presentation process
  •     Getting the appointment
  •     Dressing the part
  •     Building Rapport
  •     Establishing Credibility
  •     Essential skills that you should have
  •     Building value
  •     Reducing risk
  •     The dynamics of group presentations

Module 5 – Overcoming stalls and objections

  •     What is a stall?
  •     What is an objection?
  •     Identifying the real objection
  •     How to deal with stalls and objections
  •     The sale starts when the customer objects

Module 6 – Closing the sale

  •     How to close a sale
  •     Winning closing techniques
  •     Words you should avoid
  •     How to ask a closing question

Module 7 – After sales service

  •     The importance of after sales service

Module 8 – Relationship building and management

  •     What is customer relationship management?
  •     How to build lasting relationships

Module 9 – Understanding your customer

  •     Customers and their needs
  •     Purchasing power and buying behaviour
  •     Your customers and the competition

Module 10 – Additional stuff you need to know

  •     Business brand identity
  •     Conflict Management
  •     Decision making and autonomy
  •     Delegating responsibility

Module 11 – Reporting and paperwork

  •     The importance of reporting and paper work in selling
  •     Management requirements
  •     The communication loop
  •     Post-mortems

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