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Sage Pastel Certified Trainer

Sage Pastel Certified Trainer Course

This comprehensive training programme covers the training and development skills you will need to become a Pastel Certified Trainer.

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Sage Pastel Certified Trainer PCI Module 6 Course

Entrance Requirements

Learners need to meet the following prerequisites before attending this course:

1. Computer Literacy at NQF Level 3 or Standard 8/Grade 10 Computer Literacy
2. Mathematical Literacy or Standard 8/Grade 10 Mathematics

If a learner is not yet competent in the required prerequisites then he/she must first complete the relevant courses before enrolling for this course. Should we find a student on one of our courses that do not meet the prerequisites they will be asked to leave and the course fee will be forfeited.

Target Learners

This training course has been designed to offer experienced Pastel Practitioners the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective and efficient Pastel product trainers.


This is a four day (24 hour) course.

Delivery Methods

The delivery methods include Pre-assessment, Pre-reading and Facilitated workshops.


There are no assessments for this course

Course Outline

Introduction to Training

This lesson deals with the importance of training and assists you to differentiate between education, training and development processes. This lesson also discusses the concept of “competence” and how you determine learners’ competence.

Legal Framework

This lesson details legal prescripts guiding the training function is discussed. The OBET levels are also explained.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Trainer

This lesson details the roles and responsibilities, differentiating qualities and skills of a trainer.

Needs Analysis

The concept of a needs analysis is explained and research processes are introduced. Types of needs analysis are demonstrated.

Determining the Outcomes

This lesson goes into detail about the unit standard structures and how to determine outcomes.

Plan & Prepare

Different learning and training methodologies are introduced.

Conduct the Learning Event

This lesson communicates all the different presentation and facilitation skills.


Monitor the learner’s progress; remedial measures; review and learner evaluation.

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Sage Pastel Certified Trainer PCI Module 6 Course

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