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Sage Pastel BEE Fundamentals for Generic Enterprises

Sage Pastel BEE Fundamentals Fir Generic Enterprises Course

Course Outline

If you are an entity with an annual turnover of more than R35 million, this course is for you. The BEE Fundamentals for Generic Enterprises is a user-friendly, practically orientated course covering:

BEE Theory

The course covers all the relevant BEE theory, in simple, practical terms, thereby ensuring that you understand how BEE works and how it affects your business.

This course introduces you to the Generic Scorecard structure with an in-depth look at each of the seven scorecard elements, namely:

  •     Ownership
  •     Management Control
  •     Employment Equity
  •     Skills Development
  •     Preferential Procurement
  •     Enterprise Development
  •     Socio-Economic Development

BEE Scorecard Software

The BEE123 Scorecard Software is a powerful, user-friendly tool which makes managing and maximizing your BEE Scorecard.

The BEE123 software is introduced and practically demonstrated, showing you how to record your BEE achievements for each of the aforementioned scorecard elements and how it can assist you in your BEE decision making process.

Verification Preparation

BEE verification is a critical component of the BEE certification process and can be daunting. The course will outline and explain the verification process and how to prepare for it, including a checklist detailing the necessary evidence and documentation required for each of the scorecard elements.

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