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Sage ACT! (CRM) 5 Users Software

Sage ACT! (CRM) will revolutionise the way you manage customers and sales

If developing long-lasting, profitable business relationships is essential to your success, then ACT! is the product for you. It helps keep new customer referrals coming in and existing customers coming back, creating a continuing cycle of positive results.

ACT! manages the interaction between your customers, suppliers, and company members.

You will always have a birds-eye view of your customer information, in order to make your life even easier and make the best decisions to benefit your business.

Sales couldn’t be easier with ACT! CRM, and every stage of the sales process can be tracked and managed – instantly telling you who has bought which products and when. This is important, because it assists you in predicting sales trends, and allows you to spot new opportunities instantly! ACT! is easy to learn and use, and it integrates with Microsoft Outlook Office which means you can be more productive right away.

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Sage ACT! (CRM) 5 Users

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