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Taxco Bonds

Our association with the evo group brings a wealth of origination experience to our business as well as strong bank relationships, sound administration systems and the security of dealing with a respected industry player.

Evo's bond aggregation facilitates smooth and efficient access to bank contracts and systems for our bond originators. evo's competitive offering and support services place us in a position to enable Taxco to compete effectively in the marketplace and grow our business under our own brand and methodologies.


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What makes us evolutionary?

Quite simply, simplicity! We believe that the ease-of-use and flexibility of our service differentiates us in the industry and offers our clients the freedom to choose the solution that best suits their needs.

Taxco Bond Originating

One of the very best companies to get in touch with when you want to buy a home is Taxco bond originators. Our professionals have working relationships with all 4 of the major banks in the South Africa area. They also have working relationships with the smaller independent banks and lenders that are not connected to the banking industry at all. Because of this relationship Taxco bond originators can get you fast interest rate comparisons and can negotiate with the lenders to attempt to get you even better rates based on what kind of rates all of the lenders are offering.

The Taxco bond originators can also negotiate the terms of the loans that don’t have the very best interest rates and sometimes the terms can make one loan better than another. We also do business with all of the companies that provide home owner insurance so they can get you the comparisons of insurance so that you are able to pick the company that is the best for you.

In fact not only do the Taxco bond originators walk you through every step of the loan process, and not charge you a cent to do it, they will not leave you on your own at any stage of the lending process. We take care of your interests right up till the bond or loan is completed and you are ready to move into your new home.

Most bond originators are finished doing business with you at that point, but not Taxco bond originators. Our people not only want to help you get into the house of your dreams, they also want to make sure that you are very happy once you are in. They will also help you with any home improvement that you may want to do.

From the instant you have been approved for the finance, Taxco bond originators start introducing you to discounts on household products, services and improvements. These discounts are only available through evo because they have partnership agreements with Wonder Flooring, MWEB, Natural Stone Warehouse, Pickfords Removals, Weylands, Glasfit and ADT Security. All of these companies give clients of Taxco bond originators special discounts on all of their services. There is no other bond originators that will give you this particular service.

As you can see Taxco bond originators not only provide you with the very best bond origination service for free, they also look after you after the financing of your home is complete. Many of their past clients say that the discounts they get from evo’s member companies are like getting a bonus and they usually keep in contact with their Taxco agent for years.

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