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Microsoft Word 2010 Level 1

Who should attend?

You should attend a Microsoft Word course, if you are required to use MS Word at work or at home. These courses will improve the way you create documents!

Our Microsoft Word course will show you a side to this seemingly commonplace program that will have you uttering “oh my Word” more times than a high school cheerleader. Once you’ve mastered the finer techniques and discovered the hidden features of this nifty old favourite, liquorice bananas will rain down from the heavens. Nah, just kidding. But compiling documents like a pro, knowing what Tab Stop means and týping your wish list to Santa this year will be just as awesome. What’s more, we’ll teach you to utilise every function to its optimal potential – from bullet points and line spaces, to changing the font size so Father Xmas won’t mistake “dynamic car” for “ceramic jar” like last year. ‘Oh my Word’ indeed.

Microsoft Word 2010 Level 1 – 1 Day

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Word 2007

• Identify the Components of the Word Interface
• Customize the Word Interface
• Display a Document in Different Views
• Enter Text in a Document
• Save a Document

Lesson 2: Editing Text in a Word Document

• Select Text
• Modify Text
• Find and Replace Text

Lesson 3: Modifying the Appearance of Text in a Word Document

• Apply Character Formatting
• Align Text Using Tabs
• Display Text as List Items
• Modify the Layout of a Paragraph
• Apply Styles
• Manage Formatting
• Apply Borders and Shading

Lesson 4: Inserting Special Characters and Graphical Objects

• Insert Symbols and Special Characters
• Add Illustrations to a Document

Lesson 5: Organizing Data in Tables

• Insert a Table
• Modify a Table
• Format a Table
• Convert Text to a Table

Lesson 6: Proofing a Word Document

• Check Spelling and Grammar
• Use the Thesaurus

Lesson 7: Controlling the Appearance of Pages in a Word Document

• Apply a Page Border and Color
• Add a Watermark
• Add Headers and Footers

Lesson 8: Printing Word Documents

• Control Page Layout
• Preview and Print a Document

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