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ICB Accounting Certification Programme (ACP)

Accounting Certification Programme (ACP)

Are you...

Running a small business?
Juggling the finances of a growing company?
Considering starting a business of your own someday?
Known to have a good head for numbers?
Aiming to be employed in a finance department?
Thinking of opening your own bookkeeping practice one day?
The ACP’s 12 learning areas (subjects) let you qualify at successive levels of bookkeeping and accounting as you progress. Complete the first four subjects to become a Certified Junior Bookkeeper and then work your way up through other levels to the ultimate qualification of Certified Financial Accountant.

If you’re keen to go even further you can choose to do the following:

Become a certified accountant by taking some additional courses through the ACCA.
Switch from financial accounting to management accounting through CIMA.
Specialise in taxation via a UNISA Higher Diploma.
Become a tax practitioner through SAIT.
Become a chartered secretary through CSSA.
Apply to become an accounting officer through SAIBA
There are four qualifications in this study programme. Each group of learning areas makes up a qualification and the previous one must be completed in order to progress to the next level.

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